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"This site is dedicated to the memory of Carrie Campbell Alston,
in whose loving hands I first saw a book of poetry ."
-Mary Barnet

Mary Barnet�s first book was The New American/Selected poems..  It has been reviewed by Adam Donaldson Powell who calls the poems �carefully tailored pearls.� Janet Brennan, in her review of The New American, calls it �intelligent and stunning poetry.� Grace Cavalieri says Mary is �a light to poets and the world.�

 Most recently she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her book, Arrival. They were preceded by 4 chapbooks, including  Orchidia and Landscape. Her books are accompanied by the artwork of Richard E. Schiff, a Life Member of the Art Student�s League of New York.

She was the Featured Writer in a special edition of International Poets XX Marcch 1995. Her poetry has appeared in Crossroads, Gusto, New Worlds Unlimited, The New Jersey Poetry Society Anthology, Funky Dog Publishing, Recursive Angel, The Greenwich Village Gazette, The Poem Factory, Numbat, The Pittsburgh Review, and elsewhere.

Mary has read in Judson Church and Grace Church, and the Figaro Cafe, all in Greenwich Village, and the Avanti Gallery in Manhattan, as well as with the Saturday Afternoon Poets in libraries in New Jersey . She read at and directed a Seminar at a New Jersey Poetry Society Convention. Mary's work has been translated into, among other languages, Russian and Spanish. She is founder, and chief editor of PoetryMagazine.com and produces internet poetry films with Richard Schiff.

PoetryMagazine.com , online since 1996, has been cited twice since it�s inception by USA Today, the newspaper, and at their web site.

Access Magazine acclaimed her periodical recently and it was cited by THE WEB magazine as a Hot Site recently. Mary works closely with Grace Cavalieri of the Library of Congress and NPR satellite radio and presents the work of many Poet Laureates on PoetryMagazine.com. Mary also writes short stories and children�s stories. She was born in the middle of the last century and resides in New Jersey.

Mary�s work has been reviewed by Adam Donaldson Powell who says it �represents the tradition of Americana � both re-visited and updated.� Powell has also stated That �many of these poems are carefully tailored pearls that could only have been written by a mature artist.� JB Stillwater of Casa de Snapdragon publishers calls her work �intelligent and stunning poetry�. Stillwater comments that her poetry �weaves her own images of her beautiful  homeland into her poetry as only a lover of life can do� and says her work conveys the�values that our country was founded upon�. Grace Cavalieri has said she �is a light to poets and the world...� All in all, Mary Barnet represents the �New American� writer.

Always the free agent, she has never aligned herself with movements or groups, preferring to remain as uninfluenced by anything more than she is her own vision, and her muse as well as her own independently arrived at very positive philosophy.

PoetryMagazine.com is a formal quarterly publication that harkens to the new electronic era and the huge audience now available to poets that did not exist when distribution of poetry relied on small paper pamphlets and a few elite magazines.

Mary is the daughter of artist Mary Sinclair and painter Will Barnet.

Grace Cavalieri,
 of The Poet and the Poem which can be heard
on National Public Radio has said that she is

 "a light to many poets and to the world.'

Named Poet of the Millennium
at The Inaugural Function of the World Peace Centre
by Chairman Dr.. Krisna Srinivas, Chairman, Prof. Ameeruddin,
 and Patron Justice S. Mohan
by The International Poets Academy
for Laudable influences over humanity...
to establish world peace and universal brotherhood -
in this New Millennium.

Mary Barnet, who is Senior Editor and founder of http://www.PoetryMagazine.com .

Editorial by Dr. Krishna Srinivas from International Poets, March 1995

    Mary Barnet , is a name to reckon with in the firmament of contemporary world poetry today. She has established a comfortable place as a shining star in the galaxy of world poets. The uniqueness about Mary is, she is a poet with a difference.  She is a poet by inclination and artist by temperament. She is highly sensitive, pragmatic, philosophical and metaphysical in her poetic expression and highly meaningful in her social and humanitarian concerns. Her imagery is mindblowing. Her symbolism is baffling and multidimensional. She hails from a very distinguished family of artists, and she has given to the parnassian world very superb and pensive poems, worth remembering for generations to come. Hence the editorial board takes pride in bringing out this special number...There is an underlying honesty and integrity of language, of emotion, of form in her poetry. She has a natural feel for language. Her expression is lucid, facile and spontaneous.

Editorial, 1995

 "Mary Barnet's craftsmanship is perfect and her language is simple, direct, lucid and lilting...with her facile, magical, eloquent and vibrating verses. Her poetry is rich with verbal ecstasy, confessional exuberance, visual beauty and imagistic delicacy.. She is contemplative and descriptive like Frost and Sylvia Plath. Mary's existential and surrealistic concerns are like - Auden and Baudelaire. In her spontaneity and symbolic beauty, she is like Keats, Yeats and Rimbaud. She celebrates man and his inner psyche. She contemplates on human behavior, nature and [the] universe....Mary Barnet, like other significant poets, rises above the confines of a generation...Poetry lovers all over the world will be overwhelmed by going through her fine, forceful and facile poems,"


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